Technology working together

When seconds count and the need for response is immediate.

Critical Infrastructure environments

When seconds count and the need for response is immediate.

interactive smart classrooms

Increasing test scores and student engagement!

Networking & Control Systems

We understand that your business depends on a solid foundation.



We'll initiate a needs analysis, assess space, work-flow, and other parameters to determine what facilities and equipment are best tailored to your day-to-day operations.



Our integrated designs combine data gathering panels and field devices into a single, overall monitoring environment. We use software integration to incorporate subsystems such as closed-circuit television and badge entry devices as well.



This is the phase where the project truly starts to take shape. When it's all said and done, our industry-leading reputation rides on your satisfaction.

General & Special Education

Auditory Instruments continues its leadership as professional Audio Visual Integrators in Southern California. We are a trusted, valuable, and innovative solutions partner for our clients. Auditory Instruments provides design, engineering, installation, and maintenance services for Audio Visual & Video communication systems.

Our uniquely qualified professionals offer streamlined customized services supporting and guiding the ever increasing labor intensive needs of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing programs across Southern California and beyond.

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commercial solutions

Whether your company is a large corporation, small business, government facility, or a house of worship, Auditory Instruments can design, engineer, program, install, and service the ideal audio visual solution for your needs.

Auditory Instruments can help your business perform better, communicate more effectively and enjoy a more sustainable ROI via higher customer satisfaction and retention.

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