Automated Locking Integration

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Automated Locking Integration

Whether viewed as an industry, a trade or a service; the responsibility of law enforcement and public safety allows the least amount of room for mistakes.  Prison and jail facilities must work properly and efficiently or lives are at stake.  At Auditory Instruments, we offer automated locking integration systems specifically designed for your correctional facilities.

The dependability of locks operating all the time, every time is a primary functionality of safe and smooth operation.  Our custom designed systems have the focus on all the matters of importance to you; dependability, efficient operation, feedback of status, no down-time, long-term life and all with focus on budget.

Our systems involve non-proprietary components designed into ease of use systems.  All systems are user friendly for the guards and require little training.  Automated Locking Integration is a modern solution which assists the growing demand of overseeing and managing an increasing population of inmates using a limited number of officers.  Correctional facilities projects require a heavy amount of integration at a large scale, and our team is well suited to the task. We work with your staff to make the chageover as quick and efficient as possible to minimize the down time at your facility. 

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