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Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Auditory Instruments's uniquely qualified professionals offers streamlined customized services supporting and guiding the ever increasing labor intensive needs of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing programs across Southern California and beyond.

Our independent position allows our experienced team to support/ enhance and provide relevant technological solutions in a timely, cost effective manner, resulting in the deaf and hard of hearing student's access to their educational curriculum. Whether, it is Classroom Auditory Distribution Systems(CADS), personal Hearing Assistive Technology(HAT), Assistive Listening Device technology(ALD's), or objective verification within the educational arena our team of professionals provide timely and relevant solutions for students utilizing personal hearing amplification, auditory training systems, or cochlear implant technology in the classroom . Our(AI) customized services allow districts a go to resource for technology, equipment repairs, frequency monitoring, on site visits and maintenance, troubleshooting, and a resource for consumable products.

Auditory Instrument's customized DHH solutions supports the labor intensive demands within the DHH programs allowing and offering educational audiologists, speech language pathologist, directors of special education, Deaf and hard teachers/TOD, a viable educational solution meeting the needs of the deaf and hard of hearing students in the mainstream arena, or self contained classroom setting.

Regardless of the size and scope of your DHH program Auditory Instruments is able to provide a needs assessment determining the level of customized service structure that optimizes your district's deaf and hard of hearing program. Our district DHH service plans offer various solutions enhancing student's individual educational plan (IEP) compliance and school district investment within their DHH programs.

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